Healthy Sauces are Tasty Medicine

pesto-1556974_1280Healthy sauces contain nutrients that can save and improve your quality of life.  Just like party streamers add pizzazz and energy to a party, these sauces add pizzazz to the meal and energy to your life.

Nutrient density in your diet is the most important thing you can do to protect your health or get it back.  But, when your dealing with chronic health issues, cooking seems like a task that is too demanding.  The key is to add power house foods that are easy to prepare.  These powerhouses come in the form of vegetables, legumes, and herbs.

You most likely have a sauce in your refrigerator right now!  I know I always have salsa in mine.  Salsa is a nutrient dense sauce that is great on eggs, beef, chicken, fish, or pork and used as a dip.  It contains tomatoes, garlic, onion, jalapeno chili peppers, fresh cilantro and apple cider vinegar.

Not only do these ingredients taste great, they are healthy for us too. They really demonstrate the mantra “Food as Medicine”!

The healing properties of salsa include anti-aging, allergy, and pain relief. The ingredients of salsa help to normalize blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes.  They reduce obesity and increase energy. They help prevent various cancers.  They lower total cholesterol and blood pressure to healthy levels.  They prevent arrhythmias, strokes, and increase flexibility of blood vessels. They prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.  All of this and more in one sauce!

While salsa may be the most popular sauce (in my house at least!), there are so many more healthy sauces that you can incorporate into your diet to support your health and wellness.  Chimichurri is a true power house as well as aioli, pesto, and more.

The awesome thing about sauces is they can top fish, chicken, beef, pork, eggs, and be used as dips and spreads.  So, instead of cooking for hours to knock out a healthy meal, you can simply bake a piece of chicken or whatever you have, top it with your sauce and the result is a kick *ss main attraction.  Add a couple of vegetable side dishes such as a salad and roasted root vegetable and  you’ll have a wonderfully tasting meal that provides incredible healing properties.

Sauces can also be an integral part of a bowl based meal.  A bowl starts with a base such as brown rice with an added protein, vegetables such as a leafy green and a root vegetable and topped with a sauce.  This a formula for a healthy meal with endless possibilities.

Healthy sauces can be made quickly and easily and used for multiple purposes.  Keep an eye on my blog as I add sauce recipes.  Have fun in the kitchen creating fabulous flavors.

To Your Health!