Thanks again for introducing me to the Brain Tap program. I’ve been using BrainTap for a month, and I listen to several programs every night and every morning.

There’s no question, the programs help me sleep at night and have a more positive attitude during the day. It’s so easy to think that if I solve all my problems, then I’ll feel good inside. . . when just the opposite is true: when I feel good inside, I have a different perception of my problems and I feel I can deal with them in a new way. The programs have helped me achieve a stronger awareness of confidence in myself and I feel an enhanced ability to face whatever issues life brings.

— Beth Kuper

“I went to my primary care doctor because I was experiencing fatigue and muscle weakness. My doctor could not help me because my blood test results were considered normal. That is when I found Kristy Hall. Two weeks after my initial appointment with Kristy I felt great improvements in my energy and muscle weakness. Her knowledge of what our bodies need is beyond impressive. I am so thankful I found Kristy and would recommend her to all my friends and family.”

— Leticia Fick

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your interest, support, and research you’re doing for me.  I really feel blessed and appreciate your heart and all that you’ve done for me.”

fatigue and gut relief thank you Kristy Hall MSKristy is not only a nutrition specialist, she is far beyond that. She is a very kind, caring, determined, dedicated, and responsible person. I have followed her advice and took the supplements that she provided for me. I am feeling much better now. My fatigue is improved, and my gut is working much better. My general health condition has improved from the day I started following her advice.

“Kristy is highly knowledgeable and dedicated to finding and solving the root cause of illness.”
—Mary R.

Ski trip thanks to your health coaching

“Scott planned a surprise (read: last-minute) trip to Colorado for us! We stayed in a townhome in Frisco and skied Copper Mountain for four days. Wow, what a memorable, God-kissed trip.

BTW, my heart and mind were so thankful the whole week that God led us to you.  Scott would have never been able to tackle the task of planning or implementing this trip if he wasn’t feeling so much better. Know that you are an instrument in the hand of our Jehovah Rapha as you minister to the physical, emotional and mental needs of others.

“My M.D. wanted to put me on a statin drug for high cholesterol. Thanks to Kristy, I was able to drop my number by 37 points! No nasty drugs for me.”

“In less than one week of working with Kristy, I was sleeping better. I usually let my alarm ring for about 40 minutes before I have the energy to get up to turn it off. Then one morning, I woke up before the alarm and I was ready to get up. It was a miracle!”


normal blood pressue“This Thanksgiving Holiday was an ideal time to think of all the ways you have helped. From the complete blood diagnostic test that showed deficiencies, you gave super ideas to adjust my diet and supplements.

The exercises you suggested strengthen hips and knees and ankles. My blood pressure is normal, walking is pain-free, and there is no stomach discomfort. My energy level has gone from ‘I’m so tired I can’t breathe’ to ‘I can get things done.’

The thoughtful, sincere care you showed gives me encouragement to continue with the changes and to do my part.”

I’ve fought IBS for over a decade, and every doctor, dietician, etc., eventually just shrugged and said they couldn’t figure it out. I’ve been working with Kristy for just a few weeks, and I’m feeling so much better! She pretty quickly narrowed down my problem (oxalates…. I didn’t even know that was a thing) and helped me figure out how to start solving it. I absolutely recommend Kristy. She’s amazing.”
—Cassie S.

“My daughter had long-term digestion problems. After going to different doctors to no avail, we went to Kristy. Kristy literally saved my daughter’s life through supplements and diet!”

sleep apnea snoring cure“My husband has suffered from sleep apnea and snoring for as long as we have been married. He has tried everything — from awkward mouth guards, nose strips and vocal exercises to, regretfully, minor surgery. Kristy recognized his problem as inflammation, and in addition to implementing a low-inflammatory diet, she recommended specific supplements to heal the irritation of his nasal passages. We are amazed at the results we have had following Kristy’s recommendations and couldn’t be more pleased!”

“Kristy Hall is a superb nutritionist, highly trained in numerous areas, and always receptive to new information. Warm, engaging, and easy to talk with, she wants what’s best for her clients, and she compassionately applies her skills to help us regain and maintain our health. She analyzed my 23andMe raw data to learn more about my genetic makeup, recommended various health tests, and best of all, explained the results to me with recommendations of high-quality supplements and food choices. I feel so fortunate to have her as my health coach and I highly recommend her services – whether in person at her Loveland office or through online video.”
—Beth K.

end cravings for chocolate and carbs“I went to see Kristy for my IBS symptoms after experiencing no relief with the protocol the doctor prescribed. With Kristy’s guidance we were able to determine additional ‘culprits’ that were causing issues. Not only are my symptoms improving, my chocolate and carb cravings are gone — and I’ve had them my entire life! As a side benefit I’ve dropped more than 30 pounds and my ‘bad’ cholesterol numbers are down to a range I haven’t seen in years.”
—Laurie T.

“I have to tell you that the supplements you have prescribed have worked wonders. Every year we have to take part in the biometric screening in order to get a discount on the health insurance offered by the county. For the 5 years that I’ve participated I’ve had to have a waiver signed by my physician stating I am on a health plan that I will follow for the year in order to get the discount. Every year my ‘health age’ has been equivalent to someone in their 60s. This is the first year I am healthy enough to qualify without a waiver and my health is equivalent to a 40-year-old.  You’ve done so much to help me!! I’m looking forward to working with you in the future. Thank you.”

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