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DNA puzzle science to healthGenetic testing and you combine to give us the power to regain wellness — naturally.

There is a buzzword flying around the medical community these days: Personalized Medicine. What makes personalized medicine different from the traditional medical approach is that it is, well, personalized! That means practitioners are taking into account everything that makes you uniquely you.

Making personalized medicine work takes a team approach. To restore your health or prevent disease, the most powerful tool we have is YOU! By that, we mean your attitude and willingness to take control of your health.

Information about your nutrition is the second most powerful tool we have. This information comes from you, but also from the tests that we order. The data from genetic testing are invaluable in assessing your nutrient status, food sensitivities and epigenetics.

Working with your physician, we may recommend other diagnostic tests. These tests are used to help us determine how certain nutrients are working, or not working, in your body.

You may wonder what types of tests are commonly recommended, and why. Below is a brief summary of regularly recommended tests and their purposes. We are also including links so you can get more information about these tests, if you desire.

DNA strand forms a person


We have teamed up with a company that believes in empowering you as much as we do.

UltaLabTests allows YOU to order your own bloodwork for various tests through the Living Well Nutrition link.

  • Monitor your thyroid levels
  • Tests in addition to your annual bloodwork ordered by your PCP
  • Monitor certain vitamin levels, such as Vitamin D and B12
  • Follow up on health concerns that appear in your annual labs
  • Affordable
  • Great if you have a high deductible
  • Work part-time or don’t have health insurance
  • Get your test even if you don’t have health insurance or labs aren’t covered


epigenetics science to healthDNA Genetic Testing


We have had clients use genetic testing for years: this is a powerhouse of tests. DNA testing enables us to determine where your body can use extra support and what you might be ingesting that could be the cause of your symptoms. Even things that are “healthy” for some can be “poison” for others. This test can save you a lot of trial and error with an elimination diet!

Read more about the benefits you can achieve as a result of DNA genetic testing.

In addition to genetic testing, we offer a full range of specialty labs and Qest Bioenergetic Scanning to meet all of your health needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Genomics and Genetic Testing

Q: Are the tests covered by my health insurance?
A: Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of these tests.

Q: Will this nutritional and genetic testing affect my ability to get insurance in the future, or cause my rates to go up?
A: The results of these tests are private. They are not provided to your insurance company or your employer, or to any medical database.

Q: Will having these tests done affect my ability to get a job or keep my current health plan through my employer?
A: Again, the results of these tests are private. Your employer will not know the results.

Keep in mind that these tests are specialty labs used in functional medicine. Most insurance companies won’t cover these tests. Ordering these tests is completely private and will never be a part of your permanent health record unless you submit the results to your physician. We use these tests to find the root causes of what is happening with your health. Armed with this information, we can work together to improve your health, reduce your pain and increase your energy level. All of these things will make your life better, both at home and on the job.

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