The Center for Epigenetic Counseling was birthed from Living Well Nutrition as a natural evolution of our growing body of genomic testing and clinical application.  After writing her Master’s Thesis on the complex methylation pathway, Kristy dove deeper into the science of epigenetics and applied her knowledge in clinic.

Over the last 12 years, she has seen significant results in the lives of her clients.  Kristy continued to study culinary genomics and became Certified in Epigenetic Nutrition through the Nutrigenetic Research Institute completing 120+ hours of continuing education focused on the role of micronutrients in metabolism.  When a client’s epigenetics are understood within the context of her micronutrient status and toxic load, the power of personalized healthcare can be applied, which often results in significant improvement.

The Center focuses on:

  • Environmental exposure to various toxins
  • Dietary impact on health
  • Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in humans caused by modifications of gene expression rather than alterations of the genetic code itself

Epigenetics is the study of how your genes behave in light of small genetic mutations called single nucleotide polymorphisms and your diet, lifestyle, and environmental exposures. Your genes are actually responsible for about 30% of your health — and your health challenges. While you can’t control the genes you get, with knowledge, you can support where you have inherent weaknesses. This is a natural approach to supporting health throughout your entire body.

Health is like a seven-layer dip: diet, lifestyle, environment, family history, signs, symptoms, and epigenetics. What is healthy for one person can be poison to another. Rather than guessing, we use epigenetics to dig into your genetic makeup and learn where your body needs support. We can then layer food intake, supplements and lifestyle changes to support your body’s natural ability to create optimal health.

Because you’re an individual, the contributing factors to your health are the basis for the way we design a plan to help you. We are all unique “pegs,” but the medical establishment is focused on fitting all of us into holes that are the same size and shape. Here, we give you the individualized attention and personalized plan that your health deserves.

To provide personalized care, your Functional Epigenetic Nutritionist spends time with you, listening to your history and evaluating interactions among genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health. Our individualized care uniquely supports your health and vitality.

Contact the Center today for your free 15 minute discovery appointment to see if our approach and services are a good match for you.

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