Virtual Appointments Available

Whether you are practicing social distancing or live across the country, HIPAA compliant video appointments are available.

Limit or Reverse the Effects of Chronic Disease

Epigenetics is a new approach to health, wellness and chronic disease that is focused on restoring your health. If you’re tired of feeling ill and treating symptoms, but not really getting better, you’re in the right place. We focus on improving your overall health, not just calming or masking your symptoms. We find the root cause of disease by considering contributing factors that can impact your quality of health. By identifying genetically based health risk factors, we help you live a healthier life, prevent potential illnesses, and slow or even reverse many diseases.

Managing Women’s Health

Whether you are looking to be as healthy as possible, preparing to start a family, adjusting to menopause or facing a chronic condition like fibromyalgia, we can help. We help women overcome the pain and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia to improve their health, mood and life. We also help set the foundation to ensure a healthy pregnancy and to start your baby on the path to a lifetime of optimal health. No plans for children? We love creating general lifestyle plans with clients to optimize their everyday health and well-being. As you naturally age and approach menopause, we help you prepare and maintain your health during this transition.

Partner with Your Doctor for Seamless Health

We regularly work with other healthcare providers, and we love referrals. We handle in-depth intake and full functional and genomic analyses. We can counsel you directly or make recommendations in consultation with your doctor. We provide a full, detailed summary to your doctor for your patient file records. We can also consult directly with your doctor. We even see patients by appointment on-site at physicians’ offices. Our online supplement dispensary resources are also available to you and your doctor.

Freedom Through Health

Knowledge is the power to become a proactive partner in your healthcare strategy. You’re no longer a passive victim of a disease process. You’re an empowered advocate with a strategic intervention. Schedule your consultation with us today.