It IS Possible to Heal Your Chronic Pain

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It’s SO important for people to hear the message I am going to say it again: it is possible to heal your chronic pain!

There is a great new podcast out from Wendy Myers, creator of “Live to be 110,”  in an interview with Dr. Joe Tatta about his new book Heal Your Pain Now.  In his book, Dr. Tatta shows his readers just how to break free from chronic pain, using the latest science.

Pain Is Both Sensory and Emotional.

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Dr. Tatta states that chronic pain is more about brain and nerve function than tissue damage.  In fact, he says that chronic pain may be due to a long- standing injury or no physical injury at all.  It may even be caused by psychological trauma from either childhood or adulthood.

I’ve seen this first hand in my clients, especially those with fibromyalgia.  I spend two to three hours with each new client taking a detailed history.  Often in that history, we can create a timeline that demonstrates a connection between a trauma and the beginning of pain.  Sometimes, the pain has caused a complete disability and has lasted years.

Another interesting point is that Dr. Tatta shows that a person’s perception of their chronic pain has a significant impact on pain intensity and duration.

How the TLC Principle Can Help

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Dr. Tatta explains the TLC principle.  You can view your pain as a Threat to your very existence, as a Loss of your way of life, or as a Challenge to be figured out.  Being able to frame the pain as a challenge versus a threat or loss, and being able to identify resources you can access helps to eliminate pain and is key to recovery.

Secondary to chronic pain is anger.  Anger puts the body in sympathetic dominance which in turn, slows digestion, weakens the immune system, causes muscle pain, and can disrupt hormones.

The emotions and the physical pain are intimately interwoven.  However, by examining the self-talk involved and assessing your emotions about pain, you can begin to unravel the tangled mess and make the pain stop.

Drugs Probably Aren’t the Answer

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Dr. Tatta further describes the barriers to recovery as well as the myths associated with chronic pain.  Myth number one is that chronic pain must be managed with pharmaceutical drugs; it’s simply not true.  In Dr. Sear’s Wellness Institute, Health Coaches are taught how to coach people with the LEAN approach to life — Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and NutritionThis is what Dr. Tatta lays out in his book and what I do in my office.

If you have chronic pain and don’t want opioids, surgery, or injections, there is a better way.  At Living Well Nutrition, we work with you to start unraveling the tangled chords of pain to bring you the relief and freedom you crave.