photo of healthy woman hikingThere is exciting news for fibromyalgia sufferers.  Fibromyalgia symptoms not only include muscle pain and fatigue, but also anxiety, depression, interpersonal sensitivity, hostility, poor sleep, tender points, inflammation and more!

Those can be absolutely overwhelming.  I used to say I could handle the pain or I could handle the lack of sleep.  But, I could not handle both at the same time.

A new, small study from Spain shows a common supplement can help reduce those symptoms.

CoQ10, a common supplement often given to patients taking statins for cholesterol, demonstrated an ability to reduce several symptoms.

Each cell of your body has dozens of mitochondria.  It’s the mitochondria that we call the powerhouse of the cell.  This is where energy, ATP, is created.  CoQ10 is a co-factor in that energy production.  It improves mitochondrial function and respiration and acts as a powerful free radical scavenger.

It is well known that fibromyalgia sufferers don’t clear toxins well and these toxins can create a cascade of oxidative stress.  CoQ10 can come in and stop this damaging cascade.  Furthermore, the CoQ10 improved antioxidant gene expression.

I often see fibro sufferers in my office with a reduced ability to clear toxins.  Improving antioxidant gene expression is working to eliminate pain at the most foundational level.

Researchers of the study found CoQ10 helped study participants increase the number of mitochondria in each cell.  The more mitochondria you have in each cell, the more energy the cell will have to do what it needs to do to keep you feeling good.

What all this means is your trigger points, poor sleep, brain fog, muscle pain, depression and anxiety may be improved with CoQ10.  And, CoQ10 won’t lead to a host of side effects like the opiods so commonly prescribed for fibro patients.

Be sure to connect with me before starting any supplements to ensure there isn’t a negative interaction with current pharmaceutical drugs, and to ensure good quality and quantity consistent with the research study.

To Your Health!