Is anxiety following you around like a shadow?  You can calm your anxiety with some simple dietary changes.

How can diet possibly cause anxiety?  There are several ways, actually.

There are compounds we get in ordinary diets that cause anxiety in some people.  In other people, there is no effect.

You have to figure out if one or more of these compounds is an issue for you by keeping a food diary and following an elimination diet.  Record everyday how you feel physically and emotionally during the elimination and reintroduction of each of these possible trouble makers to help you determine if they are causing problems for you.

elements in foodsThe first anxiety causing trouble maker is histamine.

Foods high in histamine are things such as alcohol, processed meats and fish, cheeses, vinegar, and fermented foods like kimchee, or kombucha.  We normally think of lacto fermented foods as nutritional powerhouses, and they are for most people.  Lacto fermenting veggies boosts the nutrient content, but it also boosts histamines.

There is an enzyme in the body called DOA that breaks down histamine.  If you have a genetic SNP in this gene, having a high histamine diet could lead to anxiety.  It could lead to other symptoms as well, such as poor sleep, headaches, and more.  Try reducing your histamine intake for two weeks before reintroducing it.

The second anxiety causing trouble maker is glutamine.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and is commonly used to help heal leaky gut.  I’ve recommended it to several clients when giving a gut healing protocol.

I’ve since learned to avoid glutamine until we know glutamine clearance isn’t an issue in the body.  Some people simply don’t clear glutamine very well.

They often recognize a problem eating Chinese foods that contains MSG.  What people don’t often think about is the protein powder or bars they are eating.  It is not unusual to have 1,000 mg of glutamine per serving.  For people who aren’t clearing glutamate effectively, the excess can cause anxiety and edginess.  If you think glutamine is potentially causing a problem for you, avoid MSG, and look at food labels.  MSG is often hidden as “flavorings.”

You’ll need to avoid processed foods for a time, even your beloved protein powders.  If you are on a gut healing protocol, switch from glutamine to herbs that heal, such as marshmallow root, DGL, or aloe if tolerated.

The third anxiety causing trouble maker is methylated supplements.  

About 45% of the population has trouble with methylating folate and B12.  I’m in that camp.  This is big news right now.  If you are a poor methylator and take methylated supplements, you can prevent really nasty chronic diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety (YES!), recurrent miscarriages and so much more.

While methylated supplements can be literal life savers for poor methylators, they can cause BIG trouble for people who take them that methylate normally.  One of the biggest symptoms of over methylating is anxiety!  If you think you are a poor methylator, you must get advice from a trained practitioner.  If you are told you have MTHFR and have to be on methylated folate and B12 forever, be cautious.  Your needs will likely ebb and flow based on the demands in your life.  Get educated on knowing how to determine your needs and avoid over methylating or under methylating.alpha-linolenic-872689_1280

The fourth anxiety causing trouble maker is an imbalance in essential fatty acids.  

Our brains need omega 6 fats in balance to omega 3 fats at a ratio of 3:1.  Most Americans have a ratio of 20+:1.  This leads to a host of problems.  Be sure to feed your brain well by balancing your healthy fats.

I recommend taking the genetic test to give you definitive information about your ability to clear histamine, glutamine, and your ability to methylate.  It will be the best gift you can give your health.

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