Healing holistically is powerful.  In March, I had a nasty skiing accident with whiplash, a concussion, a couple of hairline fractures in my vertebra and two more vertebra with bone bruises. I had constant pain in my back making work difficult.  I had to give up my daily walks for weeks.  I used acupuncture from Tusken Chiropractic and Acupuncture to help speed my healing.  Each acupuncture treatment I received catapulted my recovery.  I also received massage and chiropractic care from Tusken and Align Chiropractic.

In late April, I began working out again by speed walking. By the end of May, I had so much hip pain from compensating, I could hardly move.  I knew I had to add something to my healing protocol.  I decided to add physical therapy.  Physical therapists, like many health practitioners use different therapies.  So, I chose to work with two PT’s that used very different approaches.  I went to Carolyn Creager, DPT at Berthoud Athletic Club for dry needling and targeted exercises.  One treatment with Carolyn knocked out the pain for three blessed days!  I also went to Jennifer Watson, PT of Watson Wellness in Fort Collins.  She uses Integrative Manual Therapy.  It’s very passive work in office with some targeted exercises to do at home.  This therapy really helped my spine to heal.

shutterstock_74860921Working with the physical therapists helped me to identify ways I was moving incorrectly.  Jennifer found my hips were rotated and has given me simple, pain free exercises to help realign them. Carolyn discovered a cartilage tear in my shoulder and gave me two easy exercises to support my shoulder eliminating shoulder pain.  Both PT’s gave me exercises to strengthen my core eliminating back pain.  I’ve had shoulder and neck pain for the last 20 years thanks to fibromyalgia.  My shoulder pain is gone in part because of physical therapy.  Fibro pain is more complex than just functional body movement, but PT goes a long way in reducing the pain.

When I was at the hospital following my skiing accident, I was offered pain relievers, and a collar.  I chose not to use either.  I knew that I would heal better and faster using holistic methods. A holistic approach to health is not just using one thing like nutrition.  It is using a combination of things like chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, nutrition, stress management and exercise. It is the combined effect of all of these things that ensure whole and complete healing.  I used a low inflammatory diet along with essential fatty acids and magnesium to control pain.  I used collagen to support connective tissues.  My targeted nutrition paired with massage, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and physical therapy sped my healing and made me stronger than before. hiker-918704_1920 In fact, I just went on a four day backpacking trip with my kids.  I carried a 35 lb pack without pain!  I couldn’t have done that without being proactive and holistic in my recovery.  I plan to keep my healing team close knowing that I can keep chronic pain at bay using a holistic approach.

If you have chronic pain, consider attending the Loveland Fibromyalgia Get Well Group.  We will be learning ways to reduce and eliminate pain so you can get your life back.  Get more inforamtion and sign up here.