FMS affects sleepI’ve often said that I can be in pain or I can be sleep deprived, but I can’t do both.  I have learned to cope temporarily with pain or poor sleep.  However, if I get both at the same time, count me out from normal life.

Having pain and lack of sleep at the same time keeps me from thinking clearly.  Once I learned what my body needed to reduce pain, I had the wonderful side effect of better sleep.

Having trouble sleeping, staying asleep, and getting the rest that our bodies need is a problem for those of us who have Fibromyalgia, of FMS.

A recent article in Neurology Advisor talks about the differences between sleep problems with FMS and primary insomnia.

New research published in the Clinical Journal of Pain suggests that sleep in patients with fibromyalgia is characterized by an inability to maintain continuous sleep, even though these patients have a greater sleep drive compared to patients who do not report disturbed sleep.

So even if you do not realize your sleep is being interrupted, the research suggests that it mostly likely is.

Of course, the researchers involved in this study were looking at a pharmaceutical solution.  The good news is there are natural supplements plus dietary changes that support sleep without yucky side effects.

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