I went shopping last night with my fiancé.  He was buying groceries for his household and I was buying a weeks worth of groceries for my household.  We each have three people on a regular basis.  He filled his little handheld basket with yogurt, cheese, kombucha, salami, chips, salsa and personal care items.  His basket was less than half full.

I filled a large cart to the  brim with fruits (some organic), vegetables (organic), eggs, nut milks, dairy milk, canned beans, extra virgin olive oil, salsa, crème fraiche, etc.

The funny part of this was at check out.  His half basket of food was about $100.  My full cart was $220.  I have mostly organic, nutrient dense fruits and vegies to feed my family for the week.  The key is the produce.  We both bought high quality foods, but I focused on the produce.  In fact, right now, I have a simmering pot of chicken vegetable soup on the stove.  Yum!

I also bought the ingredients to make breakfast burritos for my children to take to school for lunches.  We buy the ingredients, cook and assemble at home.  We made enough burritos to last both teenagers the week plus some for after school snacks. The cost for my make-at-home, mostly organic burrito is less than half the cost of the organic, store bought version.

Check out my simply, incredibly tasty breakfast burrito recipe to make in your own kitchen.

When I first went organic, I was actually just switching my Oreo cookies for the Newman’s Own.  In other words, I was just buying organic junk food!  Organic junk food IS expensive.  The organic produce, not so much.  It may take you awhile, but you are worth the extra effort to get off the junk completely (except for holidays and celebrations, of course!).  Feed your body what it needs and you’ll be rewarded with abundant energy and vibrant health.

Happy shopping!