The Road to Hell and Bad Nutrition: BOTH Paved with Good Intentions

I’ve heard the phrase before and  I bumped up against some old, but good intentions over the weekend that gave the entire family a good laugh.

I’ve been a health nut a lot longer than I’ve been a nutritionist.  In order to feed my family the best meat possible, I started buying grass fed cows a quarter or half side at a time back when I lived in Georgia.  Most of the beef was great, but I had one cow that was so bad I couldn’t cover the nasty flavor; not even with chili!

steak, beef, raw steak, healthy meat

After moving to Colorado, I started buying buffalo.  Again, most of the meat was great until my third big purchase.  I got a buffalo so tough, I couldn’t slice it with my sharpest knife.  I came up with a great idea; I’d slice the meat in my food processor.

I thought that if I could slice the meat thinly enough, we would be able to eat it.  Well, that buffalo was SO tough, my food processor literally blew apart into several pieces!  We couldn’t help but laugh and our dog enjoy some raw meat at least.

That was about five years ago.  I’ve been hesitant to pull the trigger in buying another cow until now.  A friend of my fiancé has been a cattle rancher his whole life.  He doesn’t give his cows any hormones or antibiotics, but his cows are typically finished off on corn.

cows, corn fed, grass fed, beef, meat, healthy meat, good intentions

Experts in the field of grass versus corn finished beef know that cows that finish well (i.e. nice marbling) on grass have different genetics than cows that finish well on corn.  The cow we bought comes from a corn gene family, but I wanted a cow that has only had grass.  Grass finished cows have a healthy fat profile similar to wild caught salmon.  I’m waiting anxiously to see how this latest purchase tastes.  I’ll let you know!

Even a Nutritionist Sometimes has to Hit the Reset Button on a LEAN Lifestyle

In preparing to bring home my newest purchase, I had to do some major freezer purging — a chore I loathe.  I haven’t cleaned out my freezers in five years!  I still had that tough old buffalo in my chest freezer. Parting with thousands of dollars of inedible meat was painful, but entirely necessary.
healthy pesto, pesto, homemade, good intentions

In the process of cleaning out my freezers, I found garden produce I’d processed and frozen.  If you’ve followed my blog or Pinterest, you know I’m a huge fan of pesto, chimichurri, and other nutrient dense sauces. In one glass container retrieved from the chest freezer, I found homemade pesto from my homegrown basil.  Fortunately, I had dated this pesto way back in 2012!  LOL!  Oh, my!  I did have good intentions.

Sometime, we have to press the reset button.  We may have had good intentions that failed miserably like my buffalo and pesto, but we always get to try, try again.

Do you have good intentions?  Is it time to try again?  I encourage you to press the reset button and refresh your LEAN program-lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition.

Need a LEAN coach?  Give me a shout and we can get restarted on your reset today.