When I rant about personalized healthcare, I’m talking about mitochondria.  When I praise the power of epigenentics, I’m talking about mitochondria.

The mighty mitochondria are those powerhouses within our cells that give us vitality.  Often times we get little misprints in our mitochondrial DNA that can lead to health problems.  The wonderful thing is we can offer strategic support for the mitochondria to create health and avoid disease.

I’ve introduced you to tapping and had a tapping expert, Angela Clark, guest blog here.  Tapping can help you to rewire your brain which is important when living with chronic pain like fibromyalgia.  She recently sent a podcast to me knowing I would just LOVE it! Turns out tapping just doesn’t help us rewire our brains. Tapping communicates with our mitochondria.

In this interview between Jessica Ortner and Dave Asprey, you’ll learn even more ways to take great care of your mitochondria and create health. That’s what we are all about, right?  Creating health.

If you want to know more about creating the health you desire (and some of it is insanely simple) you’ll want to listen to this podcast today.

You’ll be inspired.

I sure was.

BTW, if you want to know more about these powerhouses of our cells, check out this article on Wikipedia.

And if you want a really great–and simple–explanation, check out this article on Biology 4 Kids!