Dancing the Fine Line Between In-Depth Detox and Health Protocol

Some health troubles are just tougher than others.

Some are so tough that a gentle detox like I’ve described in the previous five posts isn’t going to turn your health around. If you have a heavy metal or environmental toxicity, you’ve wandered into tough troubles.  Often times, these toxicity issues come with dysbiosis, candida, mold, SIBO, and subclinical viral or bacterial infections.

The one thing these infections have in common, is biofilm.  Biofilm is a protective mechanism that these critters, yeast, mold, fungus, viruses, and bacteria, develop.   These biofilms often incorporate heavy metals and environmental toxins in the film.

That makes clearing the toxins very difficult.

At this point, we are dancing on the line between an in-depth detox and a healing protocol.

You must safely break down the biofilm while also clearing the toxins.

This type of detoxification needs to be done very slowly and carefully.  Biofilms are very difficult to break down, but they must be broken down so that your body can clear the toxins and your immune system can begin to kill off the offending infections.

The complex part of this is not breaking down the biofilm for the beneficial bacteria that lives in our guts.  It’s critical to find a formula that breaks down pathogenic biofilm and leaves the beneficial biofilms intact.  I like to use a product that contains a combination of herbs to break down the biofilms along with liposomal supplements to clear the toxins.

These types of protocols have to be used under the direction of a health care practitioner with proper training.  This kind of detox can take up to a year.  The great news is your tough health conditions can be reduced or even eliminated when you go through this type of in depth detoxification.

If you’re wondering if this might be what you need, give us a call.  We can assist you in getting the appropriate testing to fully understand what you’re dealing with.