Safe Secure Virtual Office Visits

As a medical professional I am deeply concerned for my clients and for keeping their information private and secure. In February I completed a special training on protecting participants in research studies. I want to assure my clients that I treat all of your information with your health and privacy in mind.

Stay Safe with Secure Virtual Office Visits

There has been a lot of noise about hacked calls and presentations. As a Functional Nutritionist it was critical that we have a provider of Virtual Office appointments that is reliable, safe and secure for all involved, and that meets all HIPAA requirements.

Fortunately, by maintaining strict privacy settings and procedures, the system used by Living Well Nutrition does not suffer from these problems you might have read about.

Stress can really do a number on the body and can increase one’s susceptibility to the coronavirus. No one wants to worry that their virtual office visit might be compromised. Who needs that stress? That’s why we are using a system that, while easy for clients to use, is fully HIPAA compliant, safe and secure.

No Fancy Equipment Needed

All you need to have a secure virtual office visit or consultation is a computer with a camera and audio. Or you can even use your smart phone.

Stay Healthy, Stay Home, Stay Connected

Helping clients create and maintain their optimum health is the entire focus of the Center for Epigenetic Counseling.

This is not the time to put your health on the back burner. Use this opportunity to explore new healthy routines that put you back in charge of your life.

Healthy Routines Include:

  • Get fresh air and exercise
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Connect with family and friends—use social networks, send a text or email, call someone up
  • Focus on the positive—what are you grateful for? What can you do (as opposed to what restrictions are in place)?
  • Keep your immune system strong with smart food choices, this is a perfect time to have some old favorites, and also to try some new healthy recipes. A little comfort food is one thing, but don’t let the refrigerator or pantry run your life!
  • Engage your mind and your hands—doing something productive, ANYTHING, can help lift your spirits and empower you to keep it up.
  • Make time for FUN—play with your kids, throw a frisbee, take those games and puzzles off the top shelf, get out the coloring books, try a craft or musical instrument you’ve been thinking about, read a book just for pleasure
  • Keep up with your health care appointments using modern technology whenever possible. Most clinics will have some sort of tele-doc or secure virtual office visit system

Check out this blog post for more tips on boosting your immune system (but please note that in-office appointments are not currently available.)

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