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You might not expect a Functional Nutritionist to say this, but here goes: Yes, Virginia, you CAN eat chocolate! No, I am not giving you the green light to chow down on Snickers bars and M&Ms (plain or peanut!) but there are plenty of sound reasons to include chocolate include in your diet.

Before you run to the grocery store and start filling your cart with glee, be sure to read this post to make the right choices when it comes to eating chocolate without hurting your health goals.

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Chocolate Health Benefits

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • May improve heart health, brain function, immune system
  • Improves brain function
  • Helps support your immune system
  • Lowers stroke risk
  • May actually HELP people who have diabetes
  • Can lower blood pressure
  • Good for gut health
  • Good for your skin
  • Can promote healthy weight loss

Sounds too good to be true, I know, right? Well, if you have been following me for a while, then you know how important science is to me as a Functional Nutritionist. You will also know that I want you to educate yourself and read labels so that you know what you are buying and putting into your body. With that being said, I am happy to refer you to this article from that is chock-filled (or should I say chocolate-filled?) with great information about the health benefits of eating chocolate, including links to many different studies to back it up.

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As I said, this is not written to give you permission to consume a box of chocolates every day. Making healthy food choices includes recognizing that even foods that have health benefits can be detrimental to your health when we overindulge.

There are often trade-offs when making dietary choices, as is the case with chocolate. For all the possible health benefits of eating chocolate, there are also health risks that for some people outweigh those good attributes.

Some people will look at the following list and immediately know that eating chocolate is not right for them. If you have worked with me on your epigenetics, we may have already discovered some genetic weaknesses that mean avoiding chocolate, possibly temporarily, is the healthiest choice for you.

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Chocolate’s Health Risks

  • Caffeine
  • May trigger headaches, including migraines
  • May increase risk for kidney stones
  • Most contain sugar and saturated fat (there are some healthier options—read labels!)

One of the reasons I appreciate the article on BrewSmartly is because the author points out what specifically to look for, and avoid, when purchasing chocolate as part of your healthy food choices. Be sure to read his article for all the details. And with anything, be sure to take into consideration your personal health goals, your current health situation, and any susceptibilities and genetic weaknesses you may have that could sway your decisions.

Want to know if your body has genetic weaknesses that suggest you avoid eating chocolate, or other foods? Give me a call at 970-685-8531 or visit my online scheduler to make up an appointment to discuss epigenetics testing today.


Read the article, Research-Backed Health Benefits and Drawbacks of Dark Chocolate, by Walton Holcomb on at

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