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The word ‘care’ denotes something positive.  Personal care products help you to care for yourself.  At least, they should.

But, did you know some of the personal care products we use to take care of ourselves are actually toxic?

Do you use mouthwash?  Mouthwash contains chlorhexidine.  Chlorhexidine can raise your systemic blood pressure by more than 20 points!  EEEK! That’s not good.  Mouthwash contains other ingredients that you probably aren’t aware of either.  Check out this article by David Wolfe.  He reveals the many chemicals that we use to make our breath sweeter may have serious consequences, including cancer.  You’ll even find a simple, healthy, DIY mouthwash recipe, so be sure to check it out.

Mouthwash isn’t the only personal care product you need to watch out for.

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Did you know many if not most foundations and sunscreens contain an active form of vitamin A in them: vitamin A Palmitate?  When I first learned this I thought that was great. After all, we need vitamin A, right? Then, I learned that having an active form of vitamin A on your skin can hasten the development of cancerous lesions.


The FDA conducted the research showing this, but they say more research is needed.  Unfortunately, they haven’t found the money to repeat the research.  Meanwhile, our friends and colleagues in Europe have decided to issue warnings to women.  Hmmm…I guess we have to issue our own warnings.

There is lots more to learn about dangerous chemicals lurking in your cosmetics and other personal care products.  I suggest you go to Skin Deep to learn more and take charge of your health

You’ll be glad you did.

And keep in mind, the chemicals you put on your skin contribute to the Total Load that affects your health. That includes feeling vibrant and energetic–and when we feel good, we look good!

To Your Health,