As a Functional Nutritionist I have not focused on weight loss. That isn’t to say that I don’t help clients drop excess body fat. I certainly do, but it has been predominantly as a side effect while we are working on other health issues.

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Two Theories About Weight Loss

Theories about how to lose excess weight (fat) fall into 2 categories.

  • It is all about calories: people (and physicians) often believe that losing, maintaining or gaining weight is all about caloric intake versus outgo. “Calories in-Calories out.” The thought process is that we can break the process of living and eating into a math equation. Want to lose weight? These people say you need to either take in fewer calories (eat and drink less) or you need to expend more calories (exercise more.)
  • Excess weight is hormone related. In this school of thought, it is important to heal the imbalance. Once that is healed, the body will settle at a healthy weight.

Why Losing Weight is NOT Just About Calories

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Have you been told by friends, family, or someone in the medical profession that you just need to count calories to drop those extra 5 (or 10 or 50 or…) pounds?

I have my master’s degree in functional nutrition, so hear me when I tell you that losing weight is not that simple.

In order to lose excess body fat—and keep it off—while achieving optimum health, you must fuel your body with healthy calories AND you have to determine why your body is holding on to excess fat.

If you have been struggling with your weight for a while you may be surprised to learn it isn’t because of that extra helping you had. It probably isn’t even all the extra holiday goodies we indulge in every winter.

The type of calories you eat do matter, not just the total number.

In addition, your hormones must be in balance. When our hormones get out of whack, we can develop a lot of different diseases that are pretty serious, like heart disease and diabetes.

Counting calories just doesn’t take any of that into account.

Weight Loss “Miracles” Don’t Work

Not to mention the billions that Americans spend each year in the quest to lose weight and gain energy. Over time our bodies change through environmental and hormonal fluctuations. Even the healthiest individuals can find themselves unable to lose stubborn fat.

If you are like most Americans, you have attempted to lose weight at least once in your life. Actually, if you are like most Americans, you have made the attempt—and failed—more than once!

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Americans spend a lot of money on losing weight. They buy exercise gadgets. They pin their hopes on the latest diet or pill. They count calories or fat grams. They eliminate certain healthy foods from their diet.

If you expect a miracle product or diet to “fix” your weight issues, without having to address the underlying cause(s) then you will be disappointed.

The fact that people keep trying and keep spending money on these various schemes demonstrates that they aren’t working.

Why Metabolic Balance Work for Weight Loss

Metabolic Balance is a program created by the late German physician, Dr. Wolf Funfack. The system takes into account each individual patient, which lends itself to significant long-term weight loss. In fact the long-term weight loss results are twice that of the most popular weight loss options available.

I got really interested in Metabolic Balance when I saw the data. If you are already a client of mine, then you know I am a bit of a data geek!

Metabolic Balance is not about simple math. It isn’t about counting calories. It is about achieving overall health. By following this program, as your health improves, weight loss is a happy side benefit.

This physician developed program resets your metabolism. No two individuals are the same, neither should their health and weight loss program be the same. Metabolic Balance is a customized plan. It is based on your unique health situation (the good and the not-so-good), any medications you are on, and even your food preferences. The program calculates how many fats and proteins you need in your daily diet for optimal health.

“There are no supplements or packaged foods with this program. It’s all about real food. The overall goal is to balance the body’s hormones for fat storage, energy, and appetite, without losing muscle mass. Eventually clients are weaned off the nutrition plan, with the knowledge and tools to allow their body to function at its very best.”

After doing my homework, I was determined to add another tool in my toolbelt to help my clients achieve their health goals. With your Metabolic Balance personalized metabolic plan you get one-on-one coaching sessions with me and additional coaching webinars.

Metabolic Balance Plan Benefits Overall Health as well as Weight Loss

As excited as I am at helping people lose weight, I am even more excited about the other health benefits my clients can experience.

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Even though I eat a very healthy diet, I still have some health goals I wanted to reach. I tried this program and have seen health improvements that have me very happy. I also dropped 5 pounds! In fact, I had to ADD additional fats into my food plan!

One client has been on medications for high blood pressure for years! By following the Metabolic Balance plan we set up, her blood pressure has dropped so much that she no longer has to be on medication.  And she achieved this health goal in just 1-1/2 weeks!

Tests show that another client with Type 2 Diabetes dropped her blood sugar level by 50 points in just the 1st week!

Those are some pretty amazing stats, and I can’t wait to help more people achieve their health and weight loss goals.

Is the Metabolic Balance Health and Weight Loss Program Right for You?

  • Have you achieved your weight loss goals?
  • Do you feel your best? Are you full of energy?
  • Or do you feel sleepy, sluggish, or like you are moving through a fog?
  • Are you carrying stubborn excess weight?
  • Do you have high blood pressure?
  • Is your blood sugar high? Do you have Type 2 Diabetes already, or are you heading that way?

If your health is not where you would like it to be for 2020, then Metabolic Balance may be the best gift you can give yourself—and your family!

If you have questions about Metabolic Balance, I encourage you to attend one of our free, no-obligation Q & A sessions. Space is limited, so call ahead to insure you have your spot reserved.

Jan. 6, 2020, noon – 1pm or 5-6pm


1435 29th Street, Loveland, CO 80538

Here’s to achieving your optimum health in 2020!

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Quotes are from an interview by Christa Shively of Lifestyle Publications. The complete article from Loveland & South Lifestyle magazine’s January 2020 issue, available in print or available by digital subscription.

Please note, that as much as I have researched this program and believe in it, we must go over the plan together and determine if it is right for you. Your results will be different, as your program is structured specifically for you. Ultimately your success will be determined by your adherence to the program–which is one of the reasons we provide one-on-one coaching and multiple success strategies to help you achieve your goals.

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