Mineral intake is critical for good health.  Minerals help to make the thousands of enzymes we need to keep us healthy.  The best way to get your minerals is to eat them as part of a healthy diet.

One mineral, selenium, is easy to get through your diet.  Simply eat two to four Brazil Nuts every day.  Don’t like Brazil nuts?  Read on to see the health benefits and see if you won’t reconsider.

Scientist have recently been discovering many of the benefits of selenium.

Telomere length is an indication of how well you are aging. Telomeres are end caps on DNA kind of like end cap displays at the grocery store.  The longer the telomere, the better your cellular age.  The shorter the telomere, the faster you are aging.  Scientists recently discovered that a healthy selenium status, can actually lengthen our telomeres, effectively turning back the clock on aging.

That is not the only exciting news about selenium.  Having a healthy level of selenium in your body can be cancer protective, especially protective of prostate cancer.  It is also key for a strong immune system and for a healthy thyroid among other things.

Be careful, however.  Selenium, like all nutrients, can interact with prescription medication.  Furthermore, you can get too much selenium in supplements.  Be sure to talk with a knowledgeable healthcare expert to ensure you are getting the right amount, not too much and not too little.

If you’d like to know your mineral status or your telomere length, make an appointment with me and we’ll find out.  I can also work with you long distance.

To your health!