healing magic of classical music

Music can have profound effects on our health. Music can lower blood pressure, support balance in the autonomic nervous system, reduce pain, reduce ADHD, reduce mild to moderate depression, improve memory and learning, and even has shown benefits in improving dementia.

Cultures throughout the history of mankind have known about the healing power of music. In ancient China, people believed that music had the “power to harmonize a person’s soul in a way that medicine could not,” according to composer Gao Yuan of the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra.

In ancient Greece, music and healing were tied together. Apollo was god of both disciplines. Like the Chinese, the Greeks believed that “music had to resonate with the body and soul in order to be beneficial, and viewed music as a way of connecting the soul of man with the universe,” according to Tatiana Denning, DO.

Music is Rediscovered as Alternative Therapy for Healing

Dr. Denning writes in her article, “Classical Music-Healing More than Just the Soul” that modern medicine is rediscovering the many benefits music has in the role of healing.

John Hopkins has a choral group made up of Parkinson’s patients where the patients are showing improvement in movement and vocal expression. MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Claudius Conrad, MD, PhD, conducted a study on his patients demonstrating the relaxing effect on patients in intensive care, even enabling them to forgo medication.

Not a big classical music fan? You might want to reconsider! One study in the British Journal of Health Psychology compared various kinds of music, classical, pop, and jazz, and their effect on recovery. The only music that had a significant effect on healing was classical music.

However, that doesn’t mean that other types of music can’t be used in alternative therapy. A study in the International Journal of Critical Illness & Injury Science found benefits not only in classical music, but also meditative music.

Using Brain Wave Entrainment through Light and Sound as Alternative Therapy Today at LWN

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At Living Well Nutrition, we employ this approach to healing with the Theta Chamber. In this therapy, clients lay in the Theta while wearing headphones and goggles. Five external inputs are delivered simultaneously that harmonize all parts of your brain for better functioning.

Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, recovering from trauma, memory issues, or poor sleep, we tailor the therapy for you. The first step in this alternative therapy is to calm the mind and nervous system with repetitive transcranial magnetic therapy, rTMS, while also receiving infrared sauna therapy. This infrared sauna therapy helps reduce inflammation and boosts immune function, areas associated with balanced moods and mental focus.

You will find these therapies to be deeply effective and profoundly calming.

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