achieving healthy weight loss

I love helping people achieve their healthy weight loss goals. It is so much fun!

Truth be told, I didn’t always want to work in weight loss. In fact, the first several years I was in practice as a nutritionist, I referred clients whose goal was losing weight to other nutrition professionals.

But then I started paying attention to the weight loss company ads–you know the ones–where they show pizza, hamburgers, and chocolate cake covered in chocolate syrup, and tell you to eat whatever you want and still lose weight.

That was when I knew I had to get in the game. Eating plans like that simply set companies up for repeat customers. Great for the company, but terrible for the person who truly wants to lose weight and be healthy. Not only do they rarely have long-term success, even if they do, they are not supporting healthy eating habits or overall health and nutrition. That messaging lacks integrity and it made me angry.

weight loss through healthy food

I knew there was a better way and began counseling clients in healthy weight loss in 2019.

I knew I could support them by coaching them to use food as medicine and understanding that real food in the proper balances not only tastes great, it fuels and energizes the body in ways they might not even realize they were missing.

healthy weight loss makes happy client

What I didn’t realize was how much fun I would have watching clients jump for joy when they got on the scale or seeing their jaws drop when the number on scale went down AGAIN!

Rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ diet, just like everything else I do, I personalize weight loss plans for the person sitting in my office. Sometimes, when the goal is to lose 40 to 150 lbs I recommend Metabolic Balance. Sometimes, if the goal is only a 20 lbs or so loss, we start with simple changes focusing on practical changes to one meal at a time.

Regardless of where a clients’ weight loss goals are, the results we are able to achieve are both weight loss and improved health markers for my clients–and utter joy for me!

If you have any questions about what the best healthy weight loss diet plan is right for you, please book an appointment so we can discuss your goals. I look forward to seeing YOU jump with joy at your results, too!

healthy weight loss joy

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