Missing a health treatment while following stay-at-home orders?

Chinese takeout box icon for health equipment to goHere’s your opportunity for healthy take-out. You can actually rent some of our health equipment for use in your home for an entire week!

Our equipment is completely sanitized between uses and we provide instructions for our “health equipment to go”

Want to detox? Feeling stressed? Try our IonCleanse footbath.

The IonCleanse system provides a thorough and efficient way to cleanse and purify the body with little or no stress. This method pulls various types of toxins out of the body, which increases cellular function.

This unit rents for $40 per use. Or buy 4 30-minute sessions and get the 5th use free (5 for $160). You will need to clean between uses. And yes, there is a built-in counter, so we know how often it has been used. Need another footbath, don’t stress about it…we can settle up when you return it.

Aches and pains? Need to relax? The Amazing Biomat is just the ticket

This full-length infrared light therapy mat is relaxing and healthy for the entire family.

When you lie on the BioMat you will instantly feel the warmth of the infrared rays deeply penetrating your body as the negative ions deliver healing signals to your body. The Biomat eases joint pain, increases oxygenation of the tissues, soothes and relaxes, increases blood circulation–all while it kills germs!

While the Biomat does come with a cover, we ask that you place an additional covering (a clean sheet will do perfectly) over that for cleanliness.

The mat rents for $250 per week, unlimited uses. We know once you bring it home, everyone in the family will want to use it!

Call 970-685-8531 to arrange for Health Equipment To Go