Berkey Water

If you come to the office you have probably already tried our Berkey Water. It is simply the best water filtration system there is. Their countertop systems come in a variety of sizes to fit your family’s needs, including a travel-sized one, so you can always have pure water for drinking and cooking. In addition to the countertop models, Berkey makes a sports bottle to keep you hydrated while you are out getting your stroll, hike or run.

Living Well Nutrition is an authorized dealer of all the Berkey Water products. To get your best value and choose the system that is right for you, please contact and order through us at 970-685-8531.

We know that most Americans don’t drink enough water. So we encourage you to drink water, but it is also important that the water you drink is healthy and not filled with chemicals, contaminants, bacteria and even what the government has deemed to be “healthy” additions to our tap water.

Did you know that most bottled water actually comes from someone’s tap? True, you are generally no better off drinking bottled water than you are drinking tap water. Not only that, bottled water is a major contributor to plastic waste around the world. This is why we are so excited about Berkey Water Systems.

Most other filtration systems are inferior because they do not remove viruses or bacteria, and many remove the beneficial minerals that your body needs.


Berkey Water Purification Systems
Each Berkey comes with two black Berkey filters and spigot.

Travel Berkey (1.5 gallons, 2 filters)
Retail $268 / Sale $249

Big Berkey (2.25 gallons, 2 filters)
Retail $299 / Sale $278

Royal Berkey (3.25 gallons, 2 filters)
Retail $330 / Sale $305

Imperial Berkey (4.5 gallons, 2 filters)
Retail $362 / Sale $335

Crown Berkey (6 gallons, 2 filters)
Retail $385 / Sale $360

The first set of black filters are included in initial purchase.  Filters need to be changed about every 3 years.

Fluoride and Arsenic Filters
Retail $68 / Sale $60

Black Berkey filters
Retail $128 / Sale $120

Accessories (optional)

7.5” Sight glass spigot (Fits Big Berkey)
Retail $54 / Sale $45

10” Sight glass spigot (Fits Royal/Imperial Berkey)
Retail $57 / Sale $48

13” Sight glass spigot (Fits Crown Berkey)
Retail $62 / Sale $52

Berkey Base (Fits Big Berkey)
Retail $40 / Sale $37

Berkey Base (Fits Royal Berkey)
Retail $42 / Sale $39

Berkey Base (Fits Imperial/Crown Berkey)
Retail $52 / Sale $46

Berkey Sports Bottle
Retail $38 / Sale $35

A full range of Berkey replacement parts are available by calling the office, 970-685-8531.